25 Logo Design Tips From The Experts

by Admin

03 Jun, 2023


The world is developing and getting more digitalized every second. Businesses are booming online at a much higher pace than they are offline. And not everybody likes to go through all the content on your company’s web page. A majority of people do not like to spend their time reading your customers’ reviews. That is why you need something that shall represent your brand’s creativity, ethics, and services in the most compact form, and this is where Logo design and Graphic designing are aptest.

People are going to consider the versatility, work ethics, and many more qualities of your business through the creativity invested in your brand’s logo. Hence, the efforts that have been put in creating your brand’s logo will be fruitful to your Brand. But this blog majorly concerns those that are going to design your logo. And of course, this will help you too, as it is going to give you the tips that you should ask your logo designer to make your logo more effective. Now I am going to cut the clutter and give you tips for effective logo designing:

1. Perceive The Brand

You are not at all being effective to your client and your designed logo will be worthless if you not scrutinized your client’s brand. Knowing the brand is a very vital and initial step in content writing.

2. Logo Should Be Analogous To Business

Your logo should be analogous, or in more specific words identical, to your business or your client’s business. It should be the most compact but detailed representation of your business.

3. Choose Your Fonts Carefully

What kind of fonts you choose will decide what kind of customer you are gonna get. Fonts really play a key role, and you choose them wisely thinking about what kind of customer you want to target.

4. Remember That It Gonna Last

While designing the logo, keep in mind that you are designing it to create an impression, and it is certainly going to last in the viewer’s mind. So it should be mesmerizing and apt to the company’s image

5. Kind Of Colors Will Give You The Kind Of Customers

The kind of colors you chose for your logo will greatly determine the kind of customer you are going to get. Because different colors attract different age groups, and they also define the kind of emotions you want to represent.

6. Simplicity Is The key

Well I know it is universal advice, but also the most effective one. I know a lot of brands that have the simplest logos that one could imagine and they are thriving in their business, for example, Nike.

7. What kind Of Logo You Need

For this, you need to sit down with your client and sort out what kind of logo they need. There are many kinds of logos, some are just designs, some includes your brands as well, called logotype. Few examples of logotype are ray-ban, Coca-Cola.

8. It Should Be Scalable

Your logo is definitely going to be illustrated in different sizes on different banners, posters, and your business cards too. Hence it should be designed in a way that it could be manipulated to different sizes and still looks good. All and all, it should be scalable.

9. It Should Be An Eye-Catcher, Even When The Color Fades Away

Yes, your logo should be colorful, but its color shall not be the only thing that people look at it for. Your logo is going to be printed on newspapers, documents, and many platforms where it will appear in black & white, and it should not lose its essence due to that.

10. Do Not Keep Any Query

In the logo designing business, as a designer, do not keep anything to yourself. Ask your every query with your client, provide them with suggestions and provide better customer satisfaction.

11. Keep It To The Point

A logo is the first image of your brand. The more relevant your logo is the more targeted customers it will get. I am saying this from the begging that a logo is the most thorough representation of your company, in the most compact form.

12. It Should Stick Out

There are literally thousands of brands in this world, and at least hundreds of them have some kind of logo for their brand. So you have to be really creative with your design and take inspiration from the most minimal things.

13.The Logo Should Stick To The Viewer’s Mind

You shall keep yourself away from complexity while designing a logo. A majority of people will not be able to recall a brand with a complex logo.

14.The Logo Should Speak For Itself

Try to give your logo a voice. Design it in a way, that it should look like it is telling a story. Look at Shell company’s logo to get an idea.

15. Keep Sketching

Being old school will help you a lot. Keep sketching different logos with different color combinations and variations.

16. Add Colors As The Last Step

Firstly, sketch out the logo. Be sure with the logo and then add the colors as a final step. This will give you the upper hand to play with the colors.

17. Apposite Colors

Yes, the colors fade away, but they should be attractive as long as they stay. So either choose matching colors or contrasting colors but make the logo vibrant.

18. Use Different Effects

To make your logo more classy or clamorous depends on your client, you could add different effects to your logo, like shadow effects, 3d effects, and many more.

19. Make Individualize Fonts

You could try your luck with different fonts. It is not a rule that you should always type while making logos you could give a handwritten logo, to make it more authentic.

20. Logo Is A Reflection Of The Company

Brands are recognized through the logos, hence they should reflect, or in a more precise way, should be a mirror image of your brand.

21. It Should Look Mature

Unless your target customers are kids, your logo should not look like it is designed by a rookie. So, yes, it should reflect maturity and decency.

22. You Can’t Ignore Spacing

This point might sound irrelevant to you, but proper spacing also creates an image and gives an effective impression.

23. Use The Effect Delicately

Yes, I have advised you to use the effects, but you should not overdo it. Because people might not like and hence it could ruin your logo.

24. Finally, Detailing

If you are inspired to make your brands global, then it is certain, that people are going to copy your brand’s logo, and here detailing is going to make your brand stand out. So give detailing to your logo and make it one of its kind.

25. A company Without A Logo Is A Man Without A Face

In last, I want to say that make your logo this effective that whenever someone hears the brand’s name an image of the logo should pop up in their mind.

So this much appealing your logo should be.

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