7 Rules Of An Effective Business Card

by Admin

03 Jun, 2023


A business card is perhaps the most important entity in your pocket or wallet, especially if you have your own business. And every individual, that you hand out your going, will judge you and your business through the enticement of your business card. You can put all your information on your business card, but still, there is a lot more to make it effective, as you must allure someone to do business with you through a paper piece of 3.2”x2” size card. In this blog, I am going to tell you seven rules that will make your business card more effective and tempting. So, let’s begin.

Just Print The Most Essential

Of course, you can fill your business card with all the information in your mind, like links to all your social accounts, your complete services, and a lot more, along with your contact and address details. But this will make your font smaller, hard to read, and likely to screw things up. Business cards with this much information do not stand out. Hence, I would suggest you keep the information and details up to the point so that you don’t have to compromise with the most essential information that is your contact details and office locations.

Keep It Distinct And Readable

When it comes to experimenting with the new fonts, business cards are not the most suitable platform for that. In other words, there is a limited scope in trying new fonts on your business cards, because they are, in a way, going to create the first impression of your professionalism in the mind of your potential customer. So, I would suggest you use standard fonts that are not distorted and gives the essence of your commitment and professionalism towards your business.

Leave Some Space On It

Try to make your business card useful, not just for you but for your customer as well. And how can you do that? You could leave some vacant white space on your business card so that your customer could use it to write something important about you. You could give the white space, by leaving the backside of your business card blank, and in case you have something really important to write on the back too, write it on white background.

Get A Professional

Unless you are yourself a professional printer, I would suggest you get a professional to have your business cards printed. Yes, you could save some money by printing your business card yourself on your inkjet printers, but will that create the same impact that a business card printed with professional expertise will do? Certainly not. And as a plus point, a professional could suggest a lot of innovative ideas to make your business card more appealing and informative.

Design For The Viewers

While designing your business cards, have a perspective of your business and your customers or viewers in your mind. If you own or control two businesses and both are related, then you could use the front of your business card for one business and back for another. And in case you have more than two businesses, and all are related, you cloud pin your different business cards and form a booklet. But, if you have different contrasting businesses, that are unrelated to each other then I would suggest you have different business cards.

Don’t Overdo Anything

Yes, this one is a vital point, not just for business cards but for life, although I’ll just stick to business cards. You could be offered a lot of special finishing options to make your business card more tempting like you could change it into a folding mini-brochure, or round corners, or cards with unusual sizes and shapes. But I would suggest you think about what you represent and act according to that, as overdoing has its side effects.

Add Some Inducement

It cannot be possible that you don’t have competitors in your business, and you have to stand as well to grow. To achieve that you could add some inducements to your business cards like any fascinating offer or some special discounts especially for your business card holders.

At last, there are a lot of other things to explore while designing a business card that could come out while you are sitting with your business card designer, and for that, I would suggest you come to us at Affordable Signs & Graphics.

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