All About Eco Friendly Printing

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03 Jun, 2023


Well, see the world around you and you will notice the level of pollution the humans are producing. The temperature of the earth is rising day by day, summer is getting hotter, and even winters are getting warmer in many places. All and all we are witnessing climate change. Hence, there is an urgency to reduce as much pollution as possible, and industries must participate in reducing carbon foot printing. Therefore, we need Eco-friendly printing and give our contribution in saving the earth from further degradation. Plus, there are a lot of options for quality printing in Eco-friendly printing as well, we just need to explore this field a little bit. So Let’s find out.

Eco-Friendly Printing

Before throwing at you the lengthy elements of Eco-Friendly printing, let me give you a little introduction about the same. So, Printing material, ink, and printing technology are the three core elements that help in producing Eco-Friendly printing. Less pollution, less waste, and less energy consumption, all are considered as benefactory products of Eco-Friendly printing.

Green Inks For Printing

The kind of ink that is used in the normal printing process contains the plastic base and petroleum compounds, which are harmful to the environment. On the other hand, Green inks are made from organic products like vegetable and soy products, and they don’t harm the environment in any way.

Though there are some complications in using vegetable-based inks because it is somewhat expensive and does not give as effective results as the normal plastic-based or petroleum-based give. But the soy-based inks are one of the best green inks, as it is not that expensive and gives the same results as the normal petroleum-based inks give but without polluting the environment at all. Some even say that the prints of soy-based inks are brighter than the other normal inks.

Printing Technologies

Technologists and printing industries are looking forward to developing such kinds of printing technologies that should consume less energy and resources, cost-effective, and produce a minimal amount of waste as well.

Until now we are using offset printing techniques that use water to create non-imaging printing. These techniques churn out volatile organic compounds and some other hazardous waste. But now we have an alternate, called water less printing. The water less printing technique uses layers of silicon to repulse the ink. And a plus point the produces more vibrant colors with much better image definition.

Printing Materials

This is the most important component in producing Eco-Friendly Prints. Because most of the printing work is done on paper. There are literally tons of paper is used for printing every day and for that purpose, thousands of trees are cut down to fulfill these paper demands, and this heavily affects the mother earth and nature. So, we should use as much recycled paper as we could so that fewer trees are cut. And we have a variety of good quality recycled paper. You cloud contact  Affordable Signs And Graphics to ask more about Eco-Friendly printing and contribute your share in saving the environment by opting for the same.

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