Design A Striking Letterhead !

by Admin

03 Jun, 2023


A Letterhead is another way to let people know about your business and make your business’s marketing as versatile as possible. Something written or printed on a sheet of paper, with your brand’s logo embedded on it, gives a really good impression. Just as you hand out your business cards, Letterheads are also a compact and portable means to marketize your brand.

Before giving you the tips regarding creating a striking letterhead, I will first tell you a little about letterheads.

What Is Actually A Letterhead?

A Letterhead is usually a piece of paper or normal stationery, with your company or brand’s name embedded at the top of it. It usually provides other information as well, than just your brand’s name, like your company’s address and other contact details. Many people may not believe me, but your customers do judge you and your brand from the things such as the enticement of your business cards or Letterheads and other related things. Hence having a striking letterhead will just give more customers and compliments and will not cause any harm to your business.

Now I am going to counsel you on how to make a striking Letterhead.

Have An Effectual Border

Having an attractive border or periphery works as a cherry on top for your Letterhead. You can use the border in many different ways. Like it could be used for creating a margin on your letterhead, which is usually used by doctors and hospitals, and you could also add the designed borders at the top or bottom of your Letterhead along with your brand’s logo, as it adds sophistication to your letterhead.

Nominal Design Entices

You could have as much vibrant and bright design for your company’s logo as you like, but when it comes to Letterheads you should keep it to the minimum. As you have to type and write stuff on your letterhead, letterhead with a bright background will make it difficult to read. A Letterhead with nominal design strikes professionalism and sophistication.

Get A Logo For Your Brand

Having a logo for your company is a better way to catch the eyeballs of your potential customers. Creating a logo for your company is actually a step further to establishing your company as more of a brand. And I do not need to tell you that people are more brand conscious than they are company conscious. Plus having your brand’s logo on your Letterhead is more tempting than just simply having your company’s name on it. And you need not worry as we at Affordable Signs And Graphics will help you with that and we’ll make an alluring and vibrant Logo for your company.

You Could Also Add Some Photographs

This might sound redundant to you, but yes, you could make your letterhead more striking by adding some photographs as the background. Of course, the photographs should not be very bright in color, and it could be related to the work environment of your company or some photographs showcasing the achievements of your company. And especially if your company has a business in photoshoots or related fields, you could portray some of your best work through your brand’s Letterhead.

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