Does Your Business Card Pass The Trash Test

by Admin

03 Jun, 2023


As I have stated in other blogs, those based on business cards, that your business cards are indeed one of the most important entities in your pocket or wallet. A Business Card has the potential to make or break the first impression of your business in the mind of your potential customer. But if your business card is not worthy enough to create an accentuated first impression, it is more likely to end up in a trash can. Therefore, those business cards that are not alluring enough are literally thrown in the trash cans and that’s why they fail the Trash test. This blog is particularly dedicated to how you could make your business card more tempting so that it passes the trash test and makes a long-lasting image of your brand in the viewers’ consciousness.

Paper Thickness Of The Card

To make a prominent first impression you must take care of these small details as well. Use premium and thick paper to have your business cards printed, it reflects your professionalism and suavity. And In practical terms, a thick business card feels good in hands, and it also gives longevity to your card.

Pick A Simple Design

Simplicity never goes out of fashion. And as the world is day by day tending more towards intricacy, simplicity stands out. So, keep your Business card’s design simple with ample white space to write on.

Get A Professional Printer

If you own printing services that print professionally, then it is great. But If you don’t, then find Professional Printing services like Affordable Signs And Graphics. Because professional printing services will not only give you fine printing but they could also suggest better ways to design and put information on your business card.

How Informative The Card Should Be?

This one should be one of the very primary steps in the designing process of your Business Card. You need to decide what kind of details and information regarding your business you want to put on your business card, also with your basic details like name and contact information. And according to that, your card designer will suggest the apt designs.

Keep It Readable

If you have planned to put every detail or most of the detail, of your company, on your business card then you might have to deal with the font and font size. And too much information on your business card could also lead to very tiny and unreadable fonts. But of course, you could discuss it with your business card’s designer and work out an effective way to put the most informative information on it with a suitable design.

Add Your QR Code

Make the best out of the technologies. Hence develop a QR code for your company’s website and have it printed on your business card. This way you could leave plenty of white space on your business card, print the aptest detail on it. And still, you could lead your potential customer to all your company’s details, all they have to do is just scan the QR code.

The Logo Should Be Impact

Just like your business card, your company’s logo is also the face of your company. You must have an alluring logo, and you could have that designed from Affordable Signs and Graphics online. Try to avoid dazzling colors in your logo so that you could display it as big as you like on your business card.

Clinch The Details On Your Card

Before sending your business card to get printed, check all the details on it. Because the business cards are usually printed in the numbers of hundreds or thousands, and you would not like to have that many cards printed with misinformation.

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