Finishing Services: Most Vital Step In Print Marketing

by Admin

03 Jun, 2023


Finishing services is one of the most important steps in the field of marketing through print mediums. Because, unlike digital marketing where you can change or edit the web content whenever you like, in print marketing you cannot change the mistake that has already been printed in large stocks and present in the hard copy form. That is why finishing services, which is also one of the last steps in your printing process, is a very vital step in your Marketing process. In this blog, I will suggest to you some tips through which you could make your marketing more effective via opting for different finishing services.

Paper Stock

Well although Paper Stock is not typically a part of the finishing services, it is still a thing that makes major regard to your company in your potential customer’s mind. To give an elite impression of your company to your potential customers you should print on premium quality paper stuff, especially to print your business cards and flyers, as something that feels good in your hands is something that feels great in mind. My personal suggestion would be to go for thick papers to print on as they will last longer than the others.


Having your printed stuff laminated is another way to lift the quality of your print marketing. Lamination also acts as a kind of protector to your printed content, and it also gives life to the paper. There are two kinds of lamination, glossy lamination and matte lamination. As the names suggest, the glossy one makes the paper shining and soft whereas the matte lamination gives the matte effect, it is all up to your personal choice.


Varnishing is a kind of colorless or transparent paint that is applied to the print surfaces and it makes it look shiny. But varnishing does not particularly give just the shining effect, they are also able to give the matte and satin effect. Varnishing is one of the things that hold the ability to make your product stand out. You could also opt for UV varnishing as it is less expensive than the other forms of varnishing. Plus, in UV Varnishing, UV lights are used to quickly dry the paint which adds strength to the product.


Embossing adds a 3D effect to your prints as it is done by using 3D paints and stamps to give a bulging feel to the content. This is a significant step to add premium quality to your prints. There are two types of embossing that you can choose, first is blind embossing which just uses the stamp to give the 3D effect, and the other is matched embossing in which the printed or written content is given the 3D effect.


Debossing is the exact opposite form of Embossing; some even call it letterpress. Unlike the process of Embossing, where we try to bulge out the content of the paper using stamps, in debossing, we create a depression on the paper of our designs or letters using pressure. Debossing is swiftly getting famous to print business cards.


In the Die-Cut technique, the content, or the logos, or something else related to your design is cut off the paper using machines specifically designed to give this effect. Though this design was being used for usually printing the wedding cards, many premium brands are also using it to print their business cards and other print marketing material as it is being considered a creative form of finishing services.

If you want your brand and marketing to stand out from the wonted, then you must go for finishing services, even though it might increase your marketing budget a bit as it will certainly be worthy.

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