Graphic Design Trends In 2021

by Admin

03 Jun, 2023


The world is changing every day and nothing is constant here. But I can not recall anything changing as swiftly as the world of graphic designing. You will observe that the graphic designing world is getting brighter and more creative every year. Hence, to the graphic designers reading this, you have to keep learning and cope up with the latest vogue of graphic designing to survive and thrive. In this blog, I am going to discuss with you some of the trends and styles that are currently running in the world of graphic design, and also some of the design styles that might get trendy in the coming future in the year 2021.

I think we shall begin now

3D Typography Design

Though typography designs were very famous in the year 2020, this year they got a little modified or evolved into 3D typography. 3D typography is very much in trend this year, it is being that due to development in computer technology and internet speed, a majority of graphic designers will design in this form.


This might sound weird, but this trend is also in vogue in the world of graphic designing where the designers leave a lot of white space on the websites or web pages. Though what I have observed is that this approach is mostly being considered by more of the sophisticated brands or the brands which like to manifest class in their products, like, go check the websites of apple and dell. 

Muted Color Palettes

Well some rookie graphic designers might think that graphic designing is always about making the boldest and loudest designs, that should make the eyes dazzling, but it is not. In 2021 many graphic designers are shifting more towards graphic designs with dreamers and faded colors. As many people who like the things old school are obsessed with retro-looking graphics, and that could be because this gives them nostalgia. Plus muted color palettes graphic designs look good as well, especially the black and white graphic designs, as black and white designs are simplest and eminent. 

Emoji Design

I love using emojis, I think they are the easiest way to express any kind of emotion in the shortest form. And now Graphic designers are also certainly using them to express every emotion and not leaving room for any wrong perception to be made. They are going to be very much in trend in the year 2021, as you can already see them in the form of graphics on websites, then as 3D wall designs, in events as lighting designs, and at many more places. 

Flat Icons And Illustrations

The one thing that I most frequently say is that simplicity is the best because the simplest things never go out of fashion, they are always in trends. That is why, Flat Icons and Illustrations have been in trend since the designers used to design with pen and paper, and they are still running 

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