How To Use Vehicle Graphics To Get The Most Viewers

by Admin

05 Feb, 2023


In marketing business people sometimes, or some brands, undermines the power of marketing through Vehicle Graphics. But this is one of the most significant ways to do effective marketing of your brands. According to some reports an average American spends at least seventeen hours a year traveling on the road. Plus, marketing through vehicle graphics is one of the most cost-friendly forms of marketing if we consider the number of viewers it provides per dollar, which is in thousands, though the cost of marketing through vehicle graphics for a single-vehicle varies from $1500 to $3000. And as another beneficial factor, you could also have your own personal vehicle covered with your brands’ logos and graphics and it will be analogous to your business card. Now further in this blog, I am going to share some tips about how you could make your Vehicle graphics more effective as a marketing tool, so sit tight.

Keep It Simple

Well, usually when I ‘say keep it simple’, I mean to keep the designs simple and not very loud, but here I am not advising you to keep the design simple, and it does not mean that your design should be dazzling. Here the phrase ‘keep it simple’ refers to the content that you are going to put on your vehicle graphics. Vehicle graphics are not something that the pedestrians or the passing by drivers gaze at, they just give it a glance for seconds, and therefore they cannot read all the information written on it. So, try to provide only relevant information, with a strong tempting message on your vehicle graphics that will help the viewers to get directly to you. And put huge logos of your company or a theme regarding your company’s services on the vehicle graphics.

Keep Your Fonts Standard

Think of yourself as a pedestrian and imagine a van or truck with a company’s name passing by, now will you be able to read something written in a very complex cursive font, in a second or two, I don’t think so. That is why I suggest you use simple, standard fonts that are easy and fast to read. And especially do not use complex fonts to write your company’s name or some important piece of information, otherwise, you could make exceptions.

Use Detailed And Bright Graphics And Image

Bad or poor-quality images or graphics used as your vehicle graphics are certainly going to leave a mark because these are the little things that a viewer, or would have been a potential customer, pays attention to. The quality of your vehicle graphics reflects your company’s standards, and in a way, it also reflects your professionalism. That’s why you should always use an eminent professional for such jobs, like .

Pay Attention To The Detailing’s

While having your vehicle graphics printed on any vehicle, pay attention that they are rightly printed and not sending any undesired message or wrong message. Because many times, usually when enormous graphics are being printed on a small vehicle, some of the graphic stuff gets printed on another side of the vehicle than the rest of the graphics and this occasionally leads to some misinformation. For instance, in one of the episodes of ‘modern family, a character who owns a real estate business bought a car wrap, which was his family’s photo with a written message, and did put it on his car. But somehow the wrap was put in a way that the rest of his family was printed on one side of the car and his wife alone, with the message ‘I can’t be satisfied’ got printed on the other side. This led to ambiguity and the character got more phone calls from people asking for a date with his wife, than asking about his business.

Lastly, I would say that if you have vehicle graphics with your company on it, printed on your truck or car, then you also must keep your vehicle maintained as well. Because along with the vehicle graphics, the vehicle itself is also a representation of your company’s standards, so keep it clean.

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